Monday, March 28, 2011

Cory, Milwaukee and Western, Chicago, IL

Corey rides a Gary Fisher simple city 3 that she got at On The Route Bicycles in Lakeview.
Where are you going?  I'm 
on my way home after an (early) birthday dinner out with my husband! It is my first time on my bike since the birth of my second son in October.

Why ride?  Well, we don't have a car, so it's either ride, take the public transportation, or walk. Riding is definitely more fun than the other options, and usually faster too (though the baby's still too small for the trailer, so I'm usually on the bus right now, sigh).

What is you favorite ride?  There's a block of Blackhawk behind Jewel (between Paulina and Ashland) that rarely has cars on it (since it's a loading zone and also has partitions in the middle), so it's pretty fun to go as fast as possible for that small stretch. I have to add I miss just riding at all - I'm definitely counting down the months until my second son is big enough for the trailer. 

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?
Have wider bike lanes on shared streets or, better yet, separated bike lanes. I rode most of last summer with my son in a trailer, and when we were on busier streets, it wasn't fun to have cars crowd me with him in tow.


  1. Hey, I know you! Who makes your gloves, Cory? Those look warm.

  2. I have the same bike, and love it too! I wonder if you're my 'bike twin' that I've seen parked around...