Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christy, Jackson and Clinton, Chicago, IL

Christy rides a KHS aluminum frame 8-speed for upright riding with maximum versatility and minimum weight

I ran into (okay stalked is a better term) Christy on her way to a meeting in the Sears
Tower.  Don't let the sun deceive you, it was a nippy 29˚.  I'm so glad I did, because
she is such an inspiration.  Read her story below: 

After I herniated two cervical discs in summer 2010 my physical therapist basically said
'Get a bike that puts your body upright, or never bike again.' Suffice it to say, I bought a
new bike. It was a tough transition, because I go a whole lot slower now than on my old
Bianchi hybrid, but I've come to appreciate the slow ride and the improvement in my
symptoms. For that I have to thank my KHS Cidi 8-speed, plus the guys at Boulevard 
Bikes who helped me to find exactly the right model for my riding style and recent
physical challenges.

Thanks for sharing Christy!


  1. She's not nearly as slow as she claims to be on that beautiful bike!

  2. Yay Christy! She's a dedicated promoter of both cycling and walking, and an all around awesome person on and off wheels.

  3. Christy!! Martha told me she bike-stalked you! Great looking bike and you look pretty good too. We need to ride sometime!

  4. Aw, thanks for all the swell comments! And Ms. Ding, long time! Just checked out your blog -- fantastic stuff. Congrats on weathering the LPC storm and coming out better the other side.

  5. CP! Hi! (P.S. I love this blog. Just discovered it today.)