Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ash, 1300 block of Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL

Ashley was photographed in front of a mural painted by Drew Griffith and Dustin Ruegger
curated by the Johalla Project

This Batavus is my  footloose and fancy-free bike. Though it maxes out at about 12MPH it is a speed machine next to my kid hauler extraordinaire, my Madsen KG271. Most of my commutes involve demands to use the potty, flailing limbs and sticky three year old fingers so getting out to ride solo on the open bike lane on my Dutch bike is a truly transcendental experience. All of life's problems melt away on two wheels."

Ash shared this photo of her with her other bike below.


  1. Big big thanks to Pierogi John for purchasing the brightest orange, yellow, and green fleece ever made to create balaclavas and gaiters to keep people (including kids!) warm this winter!

  2. What a great photo! And I like seeing the cargo bike with the stylish family ride.

  3. Those orange balaclavas are great and so are your bikes Ash! Not sure which one I like better.