Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martha of Bike Fancy, West Town, Chicago, IL

With snow on the ground, cycling has become a much messier endeavor.  I'm preaching the gospel of thick wool socks to anyone that will listen.  I've got some new cold weather running tights that are a nice back up for my wool long johns and a little sleeker.  (I've got some "wet" leggings layered over).  I'm hoping for some real winter boots for christmas, in the meantime, I'll keep ruining my vintage boots from ebay.  

*** I'm running low on my reserve of photos, so tell all of your cycling friends I want to take their picture!  Email me at:  
I will also be stalking the bike lanes, so look fancy ; )


  1. maybe it's time to start recruiting your man-friends?

  2. Ha, I'm thinking about it. You would be my #1 choice. Maybe I should do Man Monday or something.

  3. Perhaps more important than leggings and proper socks would be a bike with clearance that would allow for larger than 700x25c tires with some studs... just a thought... Looks like my first bike a rode through the winter about 7 years ago. I DO NOT miss that setup.

  4. I'll think about that when I'm in the market for a new bike, which will probably be when my current one is a pile of rust.