Friday, December 3, 2010

Martha of Bike Fancy, Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Photo: Andrew Nawrocki
Winter weather has hit and all day it was hovering around freezing.  In the winter weather I love my Sugoi outer shell, my Detours TOOCAN bag, and my 100 % merino wool tights. Good wool tights are as warm as jeans, and look great with dresses.   I also have a ridiculous amount of thrifted thin wool and cashmere sweaters to layer with.  The snow is coming so hopefully I will have some fun winter bike photos to post on Monday.


  1. Cute cap!
    Does it fit comfortably under your helmet?

  2. Yes, very cute cap! And great tip about thrifting wool layers, I've been looking at my local thrift store this winter and hope to build a good collection for little money that way.


  3. I work right around to corner from Central Camera, and its a relic from another age, packed to the gills with old camera stuff.

    I love my cap! It's very thin,fits nicely under my helmet, and even has a velcro chin strap. They are all unique because they come from thrifted wool too.

  4. Love the cap too! Stylish and can be worn with a helmet is even better.