Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shar, N. Clybourn, Chicago, IL

Shar rides a 2009 Masi Speciale with bull horns which keeps her torso upright and comfortable.
Cycling Tip from Shar:  I ride in all types of weather, so having the right layers for rain, snow, wind and heat is important. All my jackets are set for rain, wind and all temperatures. Being able to bundle up and shed some layers or unzip an air vent is great. It keeps me prepared and comfortable no matter what.


  1. Those can't actually be gold sequined rain boots, but oh how I wish they were! What a joyful smile!

  2. Shed some layers and unzip? Save that for the pin-up calender!

  3. Well T.C. look for me in Sept 2012 in the pinup calendar!!!