Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vivian, N Western Ave & W Hirsch St, Chicago, IL

Vivian rides a kilo TT pro stripper edition fixie from bikesdirect.com

What are you wearing?  My shirt purse, shoes and skirt were all purchased from thrift or discount stores. The scarf I have in my hair was from the Alameda flea market in california, and my jacket is from the Gap. 
Tell me about your bike, and where you got it? My bike is a kilo TT pro stripper edition fixie of course haha. I got it from bikesdirect.com
Where are you going? taking a ride just to clear my head and take a break from studying
Why ride? I ride because it gives me a very tangible feeling of freedom and when so much of life feels out of ones control, biking can be a huge release.
Favorite ride? My favorite ride is on the way to the beach with my friends in the summer we all feel so incredibly powerful biking in a gang together
While riding you …? When I'm riding I tend to focus in on what's happening around me and it pushes all other thoughts away.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure and be more friendly? I think it would be incredible if the city would replace street parking with car width bike lanes to encourage more commuting by bike. 

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  1. Seriously cute on a cool bike. Like the toe clips!