Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wendy, W Randolph St & N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL

Wendy rides a that she got at the REI in Oakbrook.

What are you wearing?  My favorite jeans skirt that I bought many years ago and always wear when I am in the mood for a comfy day (normally Friday's). My boots are my favorite boots for biking during winter; comfortable and warm. My aunt bought me these boots when I visited The Netherlands last Christmas the are called Nature Breeze and only cost $20.  My coat is a Michael Kors and bought it last year (was amazingly cheap :) ). It is warm and long enough to ride a bike with during Chicago winters.
Tell me about your bike, and where you got it? I bought my bike at REI in Oakbrook. I am riding a GT 3 speed chocolate color, although to me it still looks more like blue. 3 speed was my max when I decided what kind of bike to buy. My dad warned me that the more speed on your bike the more maintenance I would have to do myself. Since I am not a handy girl, I thought this would be the best option for me.  I call my bike my little best friend in the city. He never lets me down and is always there and waiting for me when I need him.
Where are you going? I am going home.  I got off early from work today since I will be travelling to South America tomorrow and still needed to pack a lot of stuff.
Why ride? It gives me a wake up call in the morning and relaxes me
when I ride home after a day at the office.
Favorite ride?  On the Lakefront path during summer. So great to see people running, having fun and the beautiful view over Lake Michigan always makes my day.
While riding you …? I am thinking about everything that pops into my mind. From to-do list to things that happened at work that day to what to eat that night.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago
more bike friendly?
More bike lanes would make Chicago much more bike friendly. I am from Amsterdam, and over there cars, pedestrians and bikes are used to each other as users of the same road and therefore accidents rarely happen.  Unfortunately, I can't count the times that I have been almost hit by a car (cab) on one hand anymore.

And other cool, funny tips or stories?
When I am riding my bike with high heels and a dress during summer I get so many questions (especially from guys) but as all the Lady's on this website know: riding your bike in high heels is not hard. Just get on that bike and pedal:).


  1. Martha, you sure have a gift for showing that Chicago has more than its share of cute and charming ladies riding bikes.

  2. "My dad warned me that the more speed on your bike the more maintenance . . ."
    Your dad is a wiser man than most. My own primary bike has only two speeds with no shifting mechanism. Simple late 1800s technology that works; and keeps on working.

    "I am from Amsterdam . . ."

    Ah, yes, well, that explains it.

  3. That's my girl!!! w00t:w00t!!!