Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clare, W Randolph St & N Wells St, Chicago, IL

Clare rides a burgundy Bianchi "Super" road bike.

Where are you going?
To the Goodwill in the West Loop after my dentist appointment.  Trying to offset the pain of dental picks with (hopefully) some sweet finds.

Make/model color of your bike, and where you got it?

It's a burgundy Bianchi "Super" from what I assume is the 70's.  I found it at a garage sale a few years ago and upgraded the wheels (hand-built Phil Woods-DT Swiss-gold Velocity Aeroheads) and added a Brooks B72 and Soma Sparrow bars.  It's my favorite bike ever.

What are you wearing?
Thrifted Joe's Jeans, awesome Nau winter jacket, RavX biking gloves, Linus bag/pannier, sweet new Onitsuka Tigers, scarf I bought in Thailand last year.

Why ride?
It's hands down the best way to get anywhere in the city!  Way faster and cheaper than any other form of transit.  And, as I've heard: biking in the Winter is one of the things that makes Chicago's Winter bearable.  Amen.

Favorite ride?

Bronzeville.  All of the old mansions are amazing, and I like to imagine which one I'd buy and fix up, if I had a spare million.

While riding you …?
Listen to my iPod.  It adds a soundtrack to my regular commute, and often gives me a beat to ride to.  That said, it's never so loud that I can't hear what's happening around me, so don't worry.

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?
I think that the new bike lanes are a step in the right direction.  Any added infrastructure or legality that's pro-biking helps to add more bikers.  And more bikers makes Chicago a better city to ride in.  I have yet to ride anywhere in the US with a better bike culture (yes, I'm biased).


  1. Yay!!! She forgot to shamelessly plug Blue City...

  2. What! I am all about the plugs!
    Please check out Blue City