Friday, July 22, 2011

Lorene, Wells St. at the Chicago River, Chicago, IL

Lorene rides a single speed maroon Panasonic

What are you wearing?
  I got this polka dot pattern shirt dress from H&M

Tell me about your bike:
  My bike is a single speed put together by an old friend of mine (actually an ex); he found the old maroon Panasonic frame at a thrift store

Where are you going?
  I am heading to the UIC School of Architecture to meet some friends to go to an architecture lecture at the AIC

Why ride?? So many reasons...the sense of freedom, the money and time saved, the stress avoided from driving, the ability to see more of the city and feel a part of it in a completely different way, the exercise, and more time outside !!
Do you have a favorite ride? I love riding under the el tracks downtown when it's not too insane (or just down Franklin St. between Chicago Ave. and the merchandise mart).

While riding I...never listen to music, that just seems insanely dangerous to me. I like to try to people watch when I don't have to look for giant-sized potholes in the road.

Chicago could improve biking by fixing up some major potholes on the sides of roads. They seem to disregard those. It's funny to me how Halsted Ave is designated as a major biking street, but the potholes and overall paving of the street are ridiculous...especially between Chicago Ave and Lake St.

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